How Docman 10 works

Docman 10 is the next generation in clinical content management and workflow



  • Take an image from a device and workflow it for an opinion
  • Quickly consume and process Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) messages.
  • Fully supportive of federated working with a live user presence to support discussions and collaborations around patients.
  • Powerful lightning search feature always available in the notification bar
  • A browser based Docman 10 means no reliance on locally installed software and hardware and is accessible with mobile and tablet devices.
  • Full patient timeline for a complete document audit trail
  • A live user presence for federated working
  • Cross organisational workflow, messaging and tasking
  • Set up Quick Steps based on user role or organisation
  • Enhanced reporting suite and dashboards
  • Easy software updates with no overheads
  • Browser based platform for no reliance on locally installed software and hardware

Docman 10 has been designed with the user in mind.


Docman 10 has been designed and developed around how our users want to manage their documents and the transfer of care process.

By visiting our customers across Primary and Secondary Care, we have gained an accurate and true understanding of the challenges they face and how we can make their job roles easier and more efficient.

A new enhanced user interface means Docman 10 can provide even greater productivity from fewer clicks. The user interface has been designed based on best practice to deliver an intuitive user experience.

Product Benefits

  • Complete audit trail

    Information you need at your finger tips

  • Anywhere, anytime

    Access from anywhere at anytime with an N3 connection

  • Designed for users

    A highly intuitive platform and easy to use

  • Mobile working

    Accessible with mobile devices

Technical Details

Docman 10 will use the secure and approved N3 network. Documents are encrypted in transit and at rest (AES 256).

Process and receive structured Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) messages.

Docman 10 is being built with optimum bandwidth performance in mind. It will be assured against the HSCIC performance targets issued as part of the GPSoC contract.