How Docman Dictate works

Dictate and transcribe with ease


  • Simple dashboard
    View your incoming and waiting dictations in priority order so you can deal with urgent referrals first.
  • Full audit trail
    Ensure no referrals are missed with a complete audit trail showing the date, time and who completed each step.
  • Compatible to your way of working
    Configure Docman Dictate to your chosen way of working so it seamlessly fits within your working environment.
  • Management and reporting tools
    Complete visibility of your dictations allowing you to track and audit activity within your organisation.

Product Benefits

  • Easy installation and set up

    You can be up and running within a few minutes. Training is available to make sure you use Docman Dictate to its full potential.

  • Communicate securely

    Docman Dictate ensures all communications are secure and encrypted.

  • Save your practice time

    Reduce time spent on admin. Docman Dictate can increase efficiency by 50% compared to analogue solutions.

  • Increased productivity

    Full visibility of your workload to ensure tasks can be dealt with promptly.

Technical Details

Docman Dictate is split into three modules, Talk for GPs and authors, Type for Secretaries/Transcribers and Admin for Practice/Office Managers.


Easily record dictations from your desktop.

Save time trying to locate hardware or urgent referrals on unmarked tapes. Securely dictate, prioritise and send letters straight away to your chosen destination. Benefit from digital notes, attachments such as related documents/images and integration with your clinical system and Docman.


View outstanding workload based on priority.

Instantly see when a new dictation has been received and how urgent it is with a simple colour coded view. Dictations can be sent to an individual or team to ensure all dictations are actioned; especially helpful when staff are on leave.

Once a document has been transcribed it is securely returned to the author for checking and approval.


Docman Dictate now includes free Management & Reporting tools to give you a complete overview.

The management module allows you to customise Docman Dictate to your way of working. Features include creating regular recipient lists, setting passwords, adding users and creating typist teams.

The reporting module provides you with a complete overview of the usage and performance of Docman Dictate. Monitor document turnaround times and view trends such as the volume of referrals processed whilst being able to create customisable reports for your organisation.