Docman is delighted to announce the launch of Docman Share to provide professionals in any healthcare setting access to primary care patient documents at the point of care.

The GP patient record provides a comprehensive view of a patients’ interactions with the Health Service. An essential component of that record is the clinical correspondence and documentation associated with the patients’ episodes of care. A clinical medical record is incomplete without having access to the patients’ clinical documents. These documents contain important clinical content with a rich narrative providing clinicians with a fuller context of a patient story.

Docman Share provides access to the latest primary care clinical documents and information across different healthcare settings to support decision making, reduce risk and support greater sharing of information. It is a single solution to view documents across a healthcare landscape as it works with all versions of Docman including Docman 10.

Docman Share can be used in any model of care that requires access to a shared patient record including:

  • Federated working
  • Out-of-Hours
  • Locality Hubs
  • Pharmacists
  • Ambulance Services
  • A&E
  • Urgent Treatment Centres
  • Extended Hours Services
  • 7 day access to Primary Care
  • Multi-Community Provider

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Docman “We are delighted to announce our latest innovation to support integrated health and care. We have been working extremely closely with our customer base to support them to deliver on their Sustainability and Transformation objectives and Local Digital Roadmaps.”

“Clinicians and healthcare professionals across any care setting need access to the latest primary care documents. These documents contain important information, annotations and data to provide a fuller context of a patient story, and Docman Share provides access to these documents for any care setting.”

Docman is currently working with a number of partners including Graphnet, Orion, BlackPear, BT,CareMyWay and EMIS supporting integrated care and greater sharing of information that clinicians need.

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If you are working on an integrated care project or need access to documents in any model of care, please get in touch by email to or by telephone on 01977 664496.



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