Providing all healthcare settings access to the latest revision of a patient's medical documents

Docman Share is a cloud based software giving GPs and other healthcare settings access to all of a patient’s medical documents, some of which may contain crucial information about a patient’s diagnosis or treatment.

Accessed through a Shared Care Record Portal, the Docman web based viewer or directly into electronic patient record systems, Docman Share is the only software currently available to provide all healthcare settings access to a patient’s documents.

Through a secure API, the software provides data sharing across many different clinical systems including:

  • Graphnet
  • Orion
  • Black Pear
  • BT CareMyWay
  • Emis (Emis CS and RC)
  • SystmOne

This means that no matter what clinical system an organisation may use, they can still access these all-important documents using Docman Share, ensuring the very best care to all patients.

To find out more visit our Docman Share page.

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