Why do GPs and other Healthcare settings need the latest revision of a patient’s documents?

Many healthcare settings are under the impression that the details of patients that they have from their clinical records and documents are enough to give an accurate diagnosis when treating patients.

It is important to have the latest revision of a patient’s medical records, as these contain any amendments, adaptations or further notes relating to a patient’s diagnosis or treatment. Irrelevant or sensitive information can also be redacted before publishing the latest revision of the document.

Now that healthcare is becoming more adaptable to patient’s needs, with out of hours services, federated working and hubs, patients can now be seen in other settings, meaning it is crucial for all settings to have access to the full medical history. This medical history is not complete without the clinical records and all documents.

Docman Share is a software designed to give access to these documents, providing the latest revision of documents and ensuring the very best healthcare and an accurate patient diagnosis, wherever they may be seen.

To find out more visit our Docman Share page.

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