How Intellisense works

Clinical content recognition software to speed-up and improve quality of filing and summarising.


  • Clinical content recognition software which finds patient details for you.
  • Have consistent data entry with set data fields for each letter.
  • Complete confidence in filing to the right patient record with a traffic light system to indicate the correct patient the letter concerns.
  • Read Coding and Summarising is made easier with access to previous Read Codes without leaving Docman.

Product Benefits

  • Saves you time

    60 seconds per document can be saved with Intellisense.

  • Increase QOF points

    Let Intellisense summarise your letters to help you get maximum QOF points.

  • Greater accuracy

    Have higher filing accuracy with Intellisense which finds patient details for you.

  • Even more shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts for even quicker filing to allow you to focus your efforts on patient care.

Technical Details

  • Patient Identification – Intellisense will reduce the time it takes to file a document and improve data quality. Intellisense extracts patient demographic information from a document such as the NHS/CHI number, forename, surname and date of birth. This information is then used to match the document with the correct patient.
  • Document Identification – Intellisense scans the text of a document, looks for keywords and uses pre-defined templates to assign the document with an accurate and detailed description. The information captured can include clinic date, letter type, hospital, department and consultant.
  • Read Code Identification – having filed the document into the clinical record, Intellisense will search for diagnosis, procedure and value Read Codes within the document.
  • Intellisense will alert you if you are trying to add a code that is already part of that patient’s record, allowing it to be added as a review of that problem instead. Intellisense will also alert you if you select a similar code to one already present in the patient’s record.
  • Intellisense works with scanned documents as well, such as Microsoft Word, HTML, RTF, TXT and CSV documents. Scanned documents filed with Intellisense are automatically converted into text using Opti­cal Character Recognition (OCR).