Docman is a cloud based platform for managing clinical content within healthcare organizations

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Docman has successfully developed a large dominant footprint within the UK healthcare IT sector where our solutions are deployed as part of countrywide Government contracts.

We are now looking to build on this success by expanding into other international health markets through a partner or channel model.

Our flagship product, Docman 10 is a cloud based software platform that is revolutionizing the way incoming clinical correspondence is managed within and across healthcare organizations in the UK.

Docman 10 provides Physicians with the ability to send, track and receive referrals and other incoming clinical correspondence with cross-organization messaging and workflows that significantly reduce unnecessary administration time for Physicians.

Intelligent patient matching, highly configurable workflows and automated content recognition for clinical coding are some of the reasons for our high adoption rates within healthcare professionals.

It delivers significant productivity and time-saving benefits to organizations through highly efficient tasking within and across healthcare settings.

Our Platform:

  • Managing Clinical Content
  • Automated Content Recognition
  • Intelligent Workflow
  • Clinical Content Collaboration

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