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PCTI is pleased to announce that Docman Hub has been granted ITK accreditation by the National Integration Centre and Assurance (NICA) Technology Office, part of the Department of Health’s informatics directorate.

Download a copy of the ITK2 (Discharge and Non-Coded CDA) accreditation certificate >>

Download a copy of the ITK2 accreditation for Docman Hub for 111 messages >>

What is the Interoperability Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a collection of specifications, implementation guides and related documents, to bring consistency to system integration within the NHS. Integrated Care and interoperability feature strongly on both the Health and Social Care Act 2010-12 and the NHS Information Strategy – The power of information.

At the HC2009 Conference, Christine Connelly, introduced the concept of an Interoperability Toolkit (ITK): a middleware software component which allows devices, appliances and applications to make use of the functionality from patient administration and clinical systems. The Connecting for Health (CfH) tested ITK would be a standards-driven off-the shelf product which would reduce the complexity of connecting compliant healthcare applications.


Docman Hub contains an ITK2 interface which currently supports the following message bundles: Discharge and Non-Coded CDA.

Docman Hub is now ITK2 accredited for 111 messages.

Docman Hub

Docman Hub is currently being used by over 120 Trusts to send documents electronically. The solution provides a secure, reliable and flexible platform for the electronic communication of documentation between Secondary, Primary and Social Care providers.