This new technology enables real time access to patient’s documents and important clinical workflows without being tied to a fixed computer on a consulting desk.  The practice common room could soon see a welcome return to GP’s reviewing and discussing patient letters through the use of new technology like the Apple iPad. Docman allows GP’s to easily comment on and highlight letters before re-routing to practice staff.

Dr Neil Paul, “this technology could finally get me out of my room and into the common room, meeting and talking with colleagues which will be really welcomed by many of my colleagues who feel isolated doing their paperwork. Pioneering companies such as PCTI are already thinking about how the device can benefit GPs with the opportunities to work anywhere around the practice. The device is much easier to use and share than a laptop, passing it over to a colleague to see a letter feels natural. With appropriate security I might be able to have the information I need where I need it rather than having to find an empty room and spend ages logging on.”

Technology has had a history of making working communities like GP practices less social, Philip Young, Director, PCTI “We are really excited by the potential of new devices like the iPad to unleash users from their desks. I’m sure other application providers in healthcare are looking at innovative ways to present data which promote collaboration both within and externally to the practice.”

Tools like the Apple iPad will enable PCTI to build on an already extensive list of benefits a practice receives from using Docman for their document management and workflow.

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