How Docman GP works

Docman GP enables you to capture, file, workflow, view and process letters quickly and efficiently.


  • Receive documents electronically from local hospitals for zero scanning and fast access to patient information.
  • Identifies clinical content by detecting patient and filing details to significantly improve speed and data quality.
  • Save each GP 15 minutes a day with Quick Steps that combine actions and workflows into one mouse click.
  • Send documents electronically around the practice to the right professional in real time.
  • Manages practices completely with electronic document and data storage, including practice policies, fridge temperature logs and significant events.

Product Benefits

  • Saving time through innovation

    We understand your time is valuable. Our innovative software manages the workflow for 200,000 people every day. They trust Docman GP to organise their paper light environment.

  • Paperless sharing, tracking and editing

    Storing documents digitally gives you a full audit trail for every letter, removing the chance of losing documents, or lets you find them easily in the unlikely chance they have been misfiled.

  • Instant access to documents

    Documents are seamlessly filed into your clinical system and are instantly available with intuitive search options, freeing up valuable time for everyone by no longer searching for paper copies.

  • Here to support your every need

    We’re passionate about our products and want you to get the most from them. Our market-leading Support, Training and Deployment teams will ensure a smooth transition with Docman.

Technical Details

Clinical System Partners – EMIS, INPS and Microtest

Primary Care Partners – HSCIC, NHS Mail, Microtech Support and National Services Scotland.

Installation, Training and Consultancy – Docman are dedicated to providing first-class deployment, market-leading training, support and consultancy services. This will enable a smooth transition to start creating efficiency savings. Our team is highly trained and motivated, ensuring your practice benefits from Docman and instantly creates efficiencies.