We’re excited to say Docman 10 is nearly here!

It’s been a great journey that started over two years ago. Since then we have met with hundreds of our customers and worked together with our Docman Advisory Group to gather feedback from our users to develop Docman 10.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way and for being so welcoming and willing to use your time to provide invaluable feedback. We’ve observed a range of professionals across healthcare providers including clinicians, IT managers, administrative staff and practice managers, all of which have been vital to our user based design approach. We have taken a design thinking methodology, used by organisations such as Apple, which is a user-centred way of solving problems, involving learning by doing. By visiting our users it has given us an insight in to the ever changing needs of the busy lives of healthcare professionals.

One of the most important aspects of Docman 10 is the way in which it has been designed. We have not just created Docman 7 in the cloud but have designed Docman 10 from the ground up, not only to retain the functionality contained within that product but to achieve 3 things:

  • To include new and exciting functionality that will help to serve the new models of care emerging in our healthcare economy
  • To retain the one click philosophy that has made Docman such a successful, market leading solution, particularly with clinicians
  • To revisit every step that you, our customers, currently employ when using Docman and see if this can be improved or honed further

We have spent hundreds of hours watching how end users, like yourselves, interacted with the system allowing us to improve certain aspects. Docman is extremely successful and has been honed for years, but we’re not complacent in what we do. In result we have streamlined processes even further and for example have reduced processes such as the time Summarising by 39%.

The necessity of being connected to our users throughout the design of Docman 10 was also supported by heavy involvement from the Docman Advisory Group (this group consists of 26% clinicians, 31% from IT and CCGs, 29% business support and administration and 14% practice managers). We’re always looking for people to join the group! If you’re interested we would love to hear from you.

At our 2016 National Docman Conferences we had fantastic feedback from our Docman 10 preview where people said ‘I am really looking forward to using it, it’s smooth, slick and will be beneficial working across 3 sites’, ‘Excellent, well thought out and designed’ and ‘Very excited by the new functions that will make the scanning more intuitive and user friendly’.

This approach has clearly been effective and is a methodology we will continue to use across our all our products. We are really excited to show you Docman 10 at our 2017 National Docman Conferences! To find out more click here >







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