As 2016 draws to a close we at Docman have our sights firmly fixed on Spring 2017 when we will be launching our new flagship product, Docman 10, into the health market.

Docman 10 is a cloud based software platform that manages the transfer of care within a healthcare organisation. The launch will be the result of over two years of development work where we have used a Design Thinking approach to understand what the NHS and its stakeholders need both today and in future years.

During our product development phase, we have visited and engaged with hundreds of our customers across primary care, CCGs and secondary care provider organisations to design Docman 10 for our client base of over 200,000 users.

It has been developed to meet the challenges and demands of a 21st Century health economy. Our customers are the driving force behind our developments and we are excited to announce that the platform will support:

  • Shared Care Records across a wider health landscape
  • New models of care and 7-day access
  • Federated back office working
  • Cross organisational workflows, tasks and messaging
  • Extended collaboration across healthcare settings
  • The consumption and processing of structured (CDA) messages

Docman 10 is accessed entirely through a web browser, providing complete secure access to clinical documents and structured data from anywhere, at any time, through any device.

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Docman:

“I’m delighted to say that Docman 10 will be with you soon. It will revolutionise how healthcare works together, driving up efficiencies and delivering better outcomes for patients.  The software is delivered entirely through a web browser eradicating those local IT issues you often experience with locally installed clinical software.  When you use Docman 10 it will feel familiar to you as it adopts the latest web design principals.”

“Health and Social Care is arguably undergoing some of the biggest changes ever, Docman 10 has been created to not only deliver against today’s challenges but has the flexibility to evolve as our health and care system evolves.”

“We will be visiting our customers over the coming weeks to showcase the software and discuss migration plans with you. By moving to our new cloud based platform, Docman 10 will support the growing move to GP federations and the cross Health and Social Care sharing of data and information.”

“Docman delivers lots of new functionality, but it is just the start and we have exciting plans for expanding our platform out into many new areas.”

Discover more on Docman 10 here.

See it for yourself at our National Docman Conferences 2017

National Docman Conferences 2017







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