Document Capture

Flexible document transfer to send documents through Docman Hub.

Fast, quick and intuitive.

Document Capture brings you a document submission platform, providing you with the means of securely capturing documents and sending to a Docman Hub for collection by a participating organisation.

The new Data Detect feature recognises document content, providing you with an intelligent way to send patient correspondence to external organisations.

Data Detect reduces the time and typing demand when capturing the document, enabling an organisation to reduce administration tasks and redeploy resources elsewhere.


  • Easy to send a document to a Hub

  • Out of the box document transfer

  • Flexible and secure document management

  • Optical Character Recognition

    Gives you quicker document transfer.

  • Faster working and receipt of letters

    Create a letter and electronically send it on

  • Expert deployment processes

    Working with you for the best outcome

  • Have a full and clear audit trail

    To keep on track of all your documents.

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