How Document Capture Works

Seamless document transfer to external organisations.


Document Capture can be used in a number of ways. It can be used by hospitals to send documents through the Hub and in Primary Care to send documents to provider organisations.

  • Quicker document filing with Data Detect. Addressee details are automatically extracted to cut down on typing and admin.
  • Document Capture can be quickly installed by our expert staff.
  • Configuration and sent document history can be accessible from any machine you choose to use.
  • Document Capture is now highly configurable to the needs of local users.

Product Benefits

  • Save time on admin

    Further reduce the paper your organisation handles.

  • Peace of mind

    Letters are delivered on time benefiting you and your patients.

  • Complete security

    A secure process for sending confidential patient letters.

Technical Details

For more information on Docman Capture, please contact your Account Manager by telephone on 01977 66 44 96 or by email to