How Two-Way Document Transfer Works


  • Electronic document transfer to send and receive clinical and non-clinical correspondence between healthcare organisations.
  • Secure delivery of information which can be received by Clinicians in near real-time.
  • Interoperability between care providers ensuring quick, seamless and cost effective delivery of information.
  • A comprehensive audit trail to report, track and have visibility on every document.

Product Benefits

  • A Trust can receive a referral from a GP

    With consistent data directly into Docman

  • Send letters to other providers

    Improve communication between organisations

  • Efficient delivery of documents

    Removing the need to handle paper.

  • Interoperability between providers

    Providing access to information when people need it.

Technical Details

For information on Two-way document transfer, please contact your Account Manager by telephone on 01977 66 44 96 or by email to