A fully audited discussion platform for patient, practice and business matters.

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A fully audited discussion platform for everyone to organise, manage, share and discuss patient or business matters together for better practice decision making.

Collaborator can be used for clinical and non-clinical matters. Documents can be dropped into conversations to be able to discuss specific matters. This is especially useful when other clinical opinions are needed for patient issues.

Practice policies can be drafted and reviewed amongst members of staff before being decided on, as well as To-Do lists, managing patient complaints and internal referral reviews.

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  • Fully audited conversations

  • Work together for better outcomes

  • Prioritise important issues

  • Keep on track of discussions

    A fully audited platform shows you who’s involved and when they've read it.

  • Tag discussions for future reference

    Each conversation can be tagged to help search for them in the future.

  • Improved organisation

    No need to type up meeting notes or manage email trails.

  • Better decision making

    People can contribute to discussions in an audited and documented way.

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