Fast and automated filing and clinical coding.

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Accurate and efficient filing and clinical Read Coding to save your staff time

Intellisense is a Clinical Content Recognition system which helps with NHS Read Coding and speeds up the filing process of incoming post. Patient details in a document are highlighted and populated into the filing fields for you.

Letters are clinically coded accurately and quickly to maximise QOF points. The software scans the letter and presents Read Codes to the user working seamlessly with the patient record and preventing duplicates.

  • Save hours of filing time

  • Automated Clinical Coding

  • Populated filing fields

  • Consistent data entry

    Have set filing fields for consistent filing of patient documents.

  • Easier Read Coding

    Read Codes added directly from Docman into your clinical system.

  • Faster filing

    Save 1 minute per document by using Intellisense to process letters faster.

  • Higher accuracy

    Increase your filing confidence with the support of Intellisense.

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