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Make your incoming post digital to receive patient letters electronically into Docman.

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Receive letters electronically from local hospitals to remove the process of handling paper.

All of your incoming post from local hospitals using Docman Hub will now be electronic. Every letter will go straight into your Batch Manager, as they would normally when scanning with Docman.

This means no scanning for you, saving you time on every incoming letter. To make things even more convenient, you can use the EDT Scheduler to pre-set when you want to receive your electronic post, which can help you to manage and even out your workload throughout the day.


  • No paper letters

  • Delivered directly into Docman

  • No scanning needed

  • Auto-patient matches

    Streamline your filing process.

  • Have a full audit trail

    Follow your letters from start to finish.

  • Manage rejections

    Letter not for you? Send it back with ease.

  • Much faster delivery

    Letters are workflowed and accessible quicker.

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Learn more about EDT Connect

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