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Keep practice policies organised in BackOffice for all users to access for support with CQC.

BackOffice Library will store all practice documents electronically in one place for all Docman users to access, dependent on their security settings. It will remove the need to search through piles of paper copies of practice procedures and health and safety guidelines, when documents can quickly and easily be found.

BackOffice Apps give you a way to store practice data in different platforms. These Apps include Fridge Temperature Logs, Significant Events and Birth Registers, providing you data that’s consistent and readily accessible.

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  • Information at your fingertips

  • No paper, logs or notes

  • Supporting you with CQC

  • Store practice documents

    All electronic copies kept in one place for easy access whenever required.

  • Search and categorise

    Each document can be tagged and categorised into topics for quick searching.

  • Achieve CQC requirements

    Log data consistently in BackOffice and audit information.

  • Set specific user privacy settings

    Confidential documents can be password protected or hidden from selected users.

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