“2016 has been a great year for Docman, we’ve met with hundreds of our customers across primary care, CCGs and secondary care and have welcomed many new customers to the Docman network.”

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Docman “We’ve worked with providers, locality Hubs and CCGs to support them with access to the latest documents through our Docman Vault solution. Millions more documents have been transferred electronically through Docman Hub and we have connected more healthcare providers to our eco-system.”

“The feedback we’ve received on Docman 10 has been fantastic. I’m delighted to say that Docman 10 will be with you soon. It will revolutionise how healthcare works together, driving up efficiencies and delivering better outcomes for patients.”

“We have all our focus on making 2017 a great year and supporting our customer base of 200,000 professionals at an ever increasingly challenging and changing time.”

Here are some of our highlights from 2016:

Docman Hub
We released a case study on how Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust sends letters digitally to 94 GP Practices

We updated our customers on how our Docman Hub solution is supporting the Transfer of Care initiative. Read more


Docman Vault was released, our platform supporting record sharing by providing access to the latest version of documents, providing a complete view of that record.

We announced a new partnership with Lexacom to drive a paperless NHS

This year our National Docman Conferences were held in May at Manchester City Football Club, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Chelsea Football Club, London. The conferences were attended by hundreds of customers from primary care, secondary care, CCG’s and CSU’s to hear about our current updates and future product plans.

Whittington Health has benefitted from Docman Hub and has sent 30,000 letters electronically though the system. The Trust is sending Inpatient and Outpatient letters and will next be sending A&E discharge summaries through Docman Hub. Read the full story

A case study on The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust demonstrated how they are using Docman RMS to electronically workflow, manage and track all referrals. The Trust has also deployed Docman Hub to send discharge summaries and letters digitally to GP Practices.

At our National Docman Conferences we announced our revolutionary cloud strategy to hundreds of healthcare professionals

Pennine MSK implemented Docman Hub with an aim to become paper light and started sending documents such as MRI results, clinical letters and blood results electronically.

We worked with EMIS Health to deliver best practice interoperability to support a paperless NHS across Blackpool.


NHS North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group chose Docman Vault to support its Locality Hubs under new models of care.

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group chose Docman Vault to enable access to clinical documents, including transfer of care to support the delivery of an Integrated Digital Care Record.


Throughout the year we continued to support the Prince of Wales Hospice to raise funds for a number of worthy causes. Team Docman cycled over 170 miles and took on the ‘It’s a Knockout Challenge’


This year we started to work with more and more independent providers and we are delighted InHealth are benefiting from Docman Hub.


We announced that our National Docman Conferences 2017 will be taking place on the following dates:

16th May – Chelsea Football Club, London

18th May – Manchester United Football Club

Find out more


As 2016 draws to a close we at Docman have our sights firmly fixed on spring 2017 when we will be launching our new flagship product, Docman 10.

Docman 10 is a cloud based software platform that manages the transfer of care within a healthcare organisation. The launch will be the result of over two years development work where we have used a Design Thinking approach to understand what the NHS and its stakeholders need both today and in future years. Read more


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